How to Choose the Best Equipment for an Outdoor Video Shoot

There are so many things to consider when filming footages outdoors. Some of the equipment items used in indoor shoots don’t actually work well outside. Outdoor filming can be affected easily by a lot of factors such as the weather, the moving subject, natural lighting from the sun, different obstructions, etc. It is more difficult to shoot outside than indoors because of these external factors.

Outdoor video shooting calls for pieces of equipment that are reliable, durable and can withstand the cruel weather conditions, mobility requirement and other difficulties encountered during the actual shoot. Here are some recommended pieces of equipment that are very helpful when filming outdoors.

The Main Shooting Camera

First, let’s talk about the camera. You can use just about any HD camera SDK or whatever. However, experienced outdoor videographers recommend Cannon XA 20. This is considered a prosumer camera which is kind of halfway between a genuine professional camera and a regular consumer camera. One thing to look for a camera is its manual focus. It’s imperative that you have this especially when you’re out in the field hunting because what it will do is it will focus on the subject itself and not on the things that come between them and the camera.

The Offset Microphone

Another equipment you should invest in for outdoor shooting is an offset microphone, as many San Diego video production companies suggest as well. Whether it’s just a small plug or it’s a professional type hook up with all your controls, offset microphone allows you to do a lot of things.  First off, it gives you the opportunity to have directional sounds so that sound is really gathering what’s out and fronting rather than so much all around and capturing your noise more than the sound of the subject.

Tripods & Stabilizers

You need to have tripods all the time as much as possible, whenever possible. There is nothing’s worse than having great audio, great video, a great hunt but a very shaky focus. Again, shooting outdoors is a very mobile, adrenaline-rushing job. There will always be a time when you will get excited and you can’t hold the camera still.  With a tripod, you can lock it down and make it focus on the subject better. When looking for a tripod, make sure it is lightweight and foldable. This will make sure that they are easy to carry and can be used in the most comfortable way.

Other things to include in your list of equipment include batteries, SD cards, LED lights and carrying bags. Be sure to include all of these before heading outdoors and start filming the wild.